Nutrition & Weight Management

We’d like to ask you a few very important questions. First, do you know for sure whether your pet’s diet really meeting his or her nutritional needs? What about weight? Are you certain that the number on the scale is really where it should be? If you’re not sure of the answer to these questions, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, it’s something that the vast majority of pet owners struggle with.

The reason why these questions are so important is that good nutrition and a healthy weight are important components of your pet’s overall well being, and can impact both the length and the quality of their life. Alpine at Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital offers professional nutritional counseling and weight management services to give you the answers to these important questions so you can help your pet achieve optimum health for life.

We’ll start by conducting a detailed analysis of your pet’s unique nutritional needs. We determine this through a physical exam and by considering such things as their breed, age, lifestyle, present weight and the existence of any health problems. This will give us a clear picture of what type of food, as well as how much and how often, would best suit your pet. We may recommend switching to a prescription diet if we determine that it would better meet your pet’s needs.

Next, we’ll focus on your pet’s weight. Many pet parents don’t realize that an animal that is just a few pounds overweight can be at a much greater risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis. Conversely, pets that are underweight can be more susceptible to illness or injury. We’ll work with your pet to identify a weight range that would support a lifetime of good health, and then develop a plan to help your pet achieve and maintain that healthy weight over time.

Finally, from time to time we will need to reevaluate your pet’s diet and exercise plan. As animals age, their needs change, including their nutritional and weight control needs. It’s important that we assess your pet’s plan every so often to ensure that it’s still effective and to make any necessary adjustments as needed along the way.

You want the very best for your pet, and it starts with a solid foundation of a healthy diet and the right weight range. Don’t play a guessing game when it comes to your pet’s nutrition. Let the experts at Alpine at Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital help!

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