Our Veterinarians

Dr. Paul Huff
Owner, Veterinarian
While at college studying mathematics and chemistry, Dr. Huff’s Brittany Spaniel, Jocko, developed an infection in his jaw. When Paul saw how the veterinarian’s skill and expertise healed Jocko, he knew he wanted to become a veterinarian himself and promptly switched his course of study! To Dr. Huff, his beloved Jocko showed him what to do with the rest of his life.

Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Dr. Huff graduated from Kansas State University’s veterinary college in 1966. After joining the Army and serving in Vietnam for a year, Dr. Huff and his wife moved to Colorado, where he worked at a hospital in Boulder before moving to Colorado Springs. Dr. Huff opened “Alpine Animal Hospital” in Colorado Springs in 1974. Paul moved the hospital to the current location in 2001, the former site of “Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital.” So, Dr Huff combined the two names into “Alpine at Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital” where he is the owner and sole practicing veterinarian.

Dr. Huff’s professional interests include dentistry and laser therapy. He continues to be impressed with laser technology’s ability to heal pets without any medication or surgery, and tries to stay at the forefront of this relatively new healing tool.

At home, Paul lives with his wife of almost 50 years, Judy. They have three daughters, one son, and 14 grandchildren! Dr. Huff and his wife currently have two dogs, Shamu and Casey.

When time permits, Paul likes trout fishing in Colorado’s rivers and streams with his wife. He also sings in a barbershop quartet and directs his church’s choir and the “America the Beautiful” barbershop chorus.
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