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Lynda Saaso

Veterinary Assistant

Lynda has always had an interest in caring for pets—as a kid, she would take care of all the pets in her family including her dog Tay, where she learned all about training and caring for animals. Now she’s worked as a Veterinary Assistant for over 30 years!

Lynda grew up in Connecticut in a large family with six children. When she brought her first Dachshund, Dawn, into the clinic many years ago, she found out that Dr. Huff was hiring a Veterinary Assistant and was quickly hired! Since then, the office has moved to several locations, and Lynda went right along with it.

Making sure the office runs smoothly in all facets is one of Lynda’s favorite jobs. She takes care of clients’ concerns, answers questions, and makes sure everyone has a great and comfortable experience upon entering the clinic. She especially loves watching clients interact with their beloved pets.

Although she doesn’t currently have any pets at home, Lynda has always owned and loved Dachshunds. All of her dogs have lived long, full lives thanks to great veterinary care!

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Photo of  Lynda  Saaso

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