Nourish Your Cat With a Tasty Balanced Diet

Your orange tabby Cinnabar is full of spunk and sassiness. In fact, this four-year-old cat acts like a half-grown kitten. She flits through each room like an orange flash, exploring every corner before disappearing again. During her downtime, she torments her cat toys and chases her tail. To power this active lifestyle, Cinnabar crunches a high-quality food that provides her with vital nutrients. Your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian prescribed this tasty blend after giving her expert nutritional counseling.

High-Quality Proteins

Cinnabar’s cells, tissues, and organs must receive regular supplies of top-notch protein every day. Her body will appreciate animal-sourced proteins such as beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, eggs, and fish.

Energy-Providing Carbohydrates

Cinnabar’s vigorous exercise regimen helps her to stay in shape. To maintain this impressive pace, carbohydrates constantly send energy to her tissues. Carbs also promote a healthy reproductive cycle, although that’s less important since she’s been spayed. Although researchers haven’t determined a feline carb requirement, your active cat needs a specific amount of glucose to fuel her brain and other vital organs.

Versatile Fats

Fats are nutritional superstars, providing busy Cinnabar with several forms of support. Her cell structures require fats to ensure their integrity. Versatile fats insulate her organs against very hot or cold temperatures. Because she’s an active girl, fats also shield those organs against trauma or injury. Surprisingly, fats furnish the most concentrated form of energy, much denser than proteins or carbs.

Minerals and Vitamins

Minerals provide your companion’s bone and teeth structures with much-needed strength and integrity. These vital nutrients also keep her body fluids balanced; and they work to regulate her metabolism. Vitamins also play an important role in her metabolic function.

Super-Important Water

To keep her body healthy, Cinnabar must get an abundant supply of fresh water daily. In fact, water is so important that it comprises 60 to 70 percent of her body weight. If your cat suffers a 10 percent reduction in her body’s water, she’ll become very sick. If her body’s water is decreased by 15 percent, she could very likely die. Fend off this terrible outcome by keeping your companion well hydrated.

As Cinnabar continues through her adult years, and becomes a dignified senior citizen, your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian will revise her diet accordingly. To get your cat on the right nutritional path, contact us for expert assistance.

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