Give Your Cat’s Dental Health a Boost

Your big tabby Benny values his gleaming white teeth. First, they come in handy for gnawing on his soft cat toys. He also uses his impressive choppers to efficiently crunch his kibbles and hiss at your rebellious teenaged cat. To keep his teeth healthy, your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian gives him regular dental exams and cleanings. This professional dental care helps Benny to avoid harmful dental disease.

Perilous Periodontitis

You don’t want Benny to develop dangerous periodontitis, the most common feline dental problem. This uncomfortable condition begins when plaque, a soft blend of food, bacteria, and saliva, attacks your cat’s teeth and gums. If this ailment isn’t immediately addressed, it hardens into tartar; and this can lead to tooth and root tissue irritation.

First, you’ll notice reddish-looking gum tissues, or gingivitis. Next, your cat’s compromised teeth could develop infections or abscesses. He could experience pain, bleeding, terrible breath, and even tooth loss. Worse yet, bacteria could migrate into his gum tissues, eventually reaching his bloodstream. These nasty organisms might attack his heart and kidneys.

Harmful “Kitty Cavities”

Your poor cat’s mouth can be hounded by FORLs, or feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions. Known as “kitty cavities,” these lesions form on teeth sides near the gum lines. The cavities can eventually erode your cat’s tooth, possibly even causing a fracture. He could also suffer from painful, severely inflamed gums and/or a tooth pulp infection.

Regular Dental Checkups

During each physical checkup, your vet carefully examines Benny’s teeth and gums. He immediately handles emerging problems. However, if your cat has difficulty eating, starts to drool, or has atrocious breath, take him to the vet without delay.

Frequent Dental Cleanings

If Benny has tartar buildup or gingivitis, the vet will likely schedule him for a complete dental cleaning. While your feline housemate happily snoozes under anesthesia, the vet gently cleans each tooth, even under gum lines. Your lucky cat also receives a beneficial tooth polish, making it harder for debris to stick to his choppers.

Home Dental Care

Your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian will demonstrate how to safely brush Benny’s teeth at home. Always use feline-friendly toothpaste, as human paste will annoy his mouth and stomach.

With professional dental care, and regular home brushing sessions, Benny’s teeth should stay in good shape. To give your cat quality dental care, contact us for an appointment.

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