How Your Dog Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you trying to drop a few pounds before summer? If so, you might find you have a four-legged, furry support system that can help a helping paw. Dogs are great motivators, and are often raring to go when it comes to running and playing. Plus, exercise is good for our canine pals, so by including Fido in your exercise regimen, you’ll be doing him a favor, too! In this article, you’ll read some great tips from a Colorado Springs veterinarian on losing weight with your dog.


Does your pooch get most of his exercise in the yard? Grab the leash and take your furry pal out for daily walks. To increase the health benefits and burn more calories, alternate walking and running. This is basically high intensity interval training (HIIT), a popular exercise regimen.


Jogging with your pooch can be lots of fun! There’s no need to stick to the same route, either: try out some trails or dog parks, and let Fido choose your way. Just be careful not to over-exert Fido, especially in hot weather!

Sit-Up Fetches

Here’s one that your pooch will love: grab Fido’s favorite toy, and get in position to do crunches. Toss the toy, and, while Fido is retrieving it, do a crunch. Incorporate side crunches, bicycle kicks, and jackknifes to ramp up your workout.

Race For It

In this twist on classic fetch, you’ll toss a stick, toy, or Frisbee to your pooch, and then race him for it.


This may be the best workout ever: take turns chasing your pup, and having him chase you.

Stair Runs

Stair runs are a great way to burn some calories. Fido can play along, too!

Obstacle Course

Agility training can be great for Fido and for you! You can build a little obstacle course in your back yard using boards, cement blocks, and even branches.


Okay, Fido is not necessarily the best yoga partner ever. He might have mastered Downward Facing Dog, but he has a habit of giving sloppy doggy kisses while you’re in the middle of a pose! That said, there is a dog-friendly version of yoga, called – you guessed it – doga!

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