Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

After a long, cold, winter, we’re willing to bet that you are more than ready for spring. As the snows melt and the temperatures rise, many of us turn our attention to our annual spring cleaning. Don’t leave your furbaby out! In this article, your Colorado Springs veterinarian offers spring cleaning tips for pet owners.


Are your four-legged friend’s toys scattered all over the house? Pick up a cute wicker basket for an easy storage solution. You can also create a pet pantry by repurposing an old armoire or dresser, or getting a stand-alone cabinet just for pet supplies. Hint: try using a plastic storage bin or pitcher to store kibble.


You probably think your pet’s fur is very pretty, but, come spring, you may be seeing a lot more of it than you’d like. Use a squeegee or rubber gloves to get fur off your carpets and furniture. Brush your furbaby daily during shedding season. This will trap fur in the brush, so it doesn’t end up stuck to everything.


Wash your furball’s bedding in hot water, and dry it on the highest heat cycle. Spring is a great time to replace old or worn pet bedding. If your furry pal is in their golden years, get a comfy orthopedic bed to help keep them comfortable.

First Aid Kit

Give your pet’s first aid kit a thorough cleaning, and toss out anything expired. If you don’t have a pet first aid kit, this is a great time to make one! Include basic supplies like gauze, non-stick bandages, and antiseptic spray. The kit should also contain copies of your pet’s records in sealed plastic bags, and brochures for pet first aid.


Inspect your furry pal’s collar, leashes, toys, and clothing, and throw out anything that is worn or stained. If you have a dog crate or a cat carrier, give that a good cleaning as well. Last but not least, check expiration dates on treats and medication, and toss anything that’s outdated.

The Furball

Remember to renew your pet’s tags, and make sure your furry pal is current on all shots! If you have a dog, give Fido a good bath and clip his claws. Bathing is optional for Fluffy, but give her a thorough brushing.

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