Spotlight on Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms

Your golden retriever Dakota has two completely different personalities. To his canine buddies, this fun-loving dog is the ultimate dog park playmate. To you and your family, he’s a trustworthy, loyal companion who would do anything for a belly rub or treat. However, Dakota has been hiding a deep, dark secret. When he’s home alone, he morphs into a totally different dog who engages in several questionable behaviors. Your home security cam has provided you with the sordid details. Based on what you’ve seen, you think your canine housemate might be experiencing separation anxiety. Tomorrow, your Colorado Springs veterinarian will give him some much-needed behavioral counseling.

Frenzied Barking

Dakota’s barking could probably break some endurance records. Before your car clears the driveway, your wound-up dog begins to bark. He sometimes continues for hours, adding some deep growling and high-pitched howling for variety. Although he does take occasional food and water breaks, he immediately resumes his important task.

Canine Destruction Specialist

Next, your industrious dog turns his attention to your custom furniture. He focuses on your matching living room set, chewing and digging at the upholstery and stuffing. The solid wood dining room ensemble doesn’t escape, either. For his crowning achievement, he destroys several feet of plainly visible baseboards. You’re not excited about the extensive damage and replacement expense. You’re also worried that your single-minded dog will hurt himself by attacking something really hazardous.

Obsession With Feces

You’ve never pegged Dakota as a dog who eats his own droppings. After all, during potty walks he can hardly be bothered to stop sniffing the trees long enough to make his deposit. Alone, though, he can’t get enough of his feces, leaving piles in secluded corners and consuming them before you find out.

Skilled Escape Artist

Dakota scored a huge win over your “indestructible” plastic kennel. You stocked his crate with treats and toys, but they provided only a brief distraction to your chewing-obsessed dog. After a remarkably short time, he gnawed his way out of jail and began working on the bedroom door. Fortunately, you returned before he could reach the rest of the house.

Since each dog displays a different degree of separation anxiety, your Colorado Springs veterinarian will study your canine housemate’s behavior before prescribing proper treatment. If your dog has shown similar symptoms, contact us for expert advice.

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