My Dog Has Been Gnawing on the Furniture

Your retriever mix Logan is a dog of many talents. Your athletic pooch is an accomplished flying disc catcher, and he tears through his treat puzzles in record time. Unfortunately, your ravenous dog has also been exercising his jaws on your living room furniture. While chewing helps Logan to clean his choppers, gnawing on furniture is unacceptable. You’ve asked your veterinarian Colorado Springs to give your canine delinquent some behavioral counseling. Read more about some anti-chewing strategies.

Miserable Chewing Experience

Make Logan’s furniture-chomping experience as miserable as possible. Buy a vet-approved chewing deterrent; and spray the foul-tasting substance on or near your pooch’s chewing targets. To acquaint him with the deterrent, spritz some on a paper towel and get Logan to lick it. Your horrified dog will likely associate that unpleasant experience with the furniture’s smell and taste.

Pleasant Chewing Alternative

Now that Logan’s skittish about the furniture, give him something more acceptable to chew. Buy some rugged chew toys that should withstand your canine destruction machine’s abuse. If your hungry dog can have treats, fill a treat puzzle with his favorite kibbles or peanut butter. If Logan enjoys a good tug-of-war game, a two-way pull toy will challenge his impressive jaws.

Off-Limits Crime Scene

Removing Logan from the crime scene theoretically resolves the problem. If you can block off the living room, do so; however, realize that your canine Houdini can probably breach a makeshift barrier.

Maybe Logan often chews on other unacceptable objects, such as shoes or magazines. Outsmart your clever dog by piling the shoes in a closet or placing the magazines on a super-high shelf. Whatever your strategy, realize that Logan is determined to find something interesting to chew.

Mental and Physical Diversions

Divert Logan’s mental and physical energy into a canine obedience class. If he has completed a class, he obviously needs a refresher. When weather allows, take your energetic dog outside for some vigorous playtime. Help Logan to burn up the energy he’d otherwise devote to your furniture.

Ask your veterinarian Colorado Springs how to stop Logan’s chewing when he’s home alone. Consider a sturdy kennel packed with your dog’s blanket, treats, and chew toys. Or, close Logan in a small interior room without any chewable objects. Give your canine housemate plenty of attention and exercise before you leave and after you return. To stop your dog’s furniture-chewing behavior, schedule an appointment with your vet today.

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