Why is My Dog Scratching Himself Silly?

Your golden retriever Toby has gone into the scratching business. You’ve seen Toby wake up from a sound sleep and begin furiously scratching, and he goes all day long, only stopping long enough to snarf down his food and take potty breaks. Toby’s not a dirty dog, as he goes to the groomer and you give him a good brushing every day. Toby might have been attacked by a vicious skin parasite, or he could have an inhalant or food allergy. You can’t rule out a fungal, bacterial, or yeast infection, either. If Toby gets much worse, he’ll contract a secondary infection that makes him even more miserable. You hate to see Toby suffer, so you’ve asked your Colorado Springs veterinarian to pinpoint Toby’s problem and get him some relief.


Flea Bite Allergies

Evil little fleas are behind many cases of canine dermatitis. When a flea nails poor Toby, the culprit leaves behind a saliva that’s full of allergens, making Toby scratch himself into oblivion. If he keeps going long enough, he’ll develop a painful raw spot and start losing his hair. Fleas can also give Toby an unwelcome case of tapeworms. Good thing your vet has a workable solution: a topical product that kills fleas at all stages of their life cycles. Just apply it monthly according to your vet’s instructions, and you should banish Toby’s flea problems.


Nasty Ringworm

Ringworm is probably the most misnamed ailment around. Actually, this skin fungal infection has some noticeable symptoms, such as reddish, scaly, and often itchy skin patches. If Toby’s lucky, he has a mild case that will respond to a topical anti-fungal medication. If he’s acquired a full-blown infection, your vet might prescribe a medicated shampoo or dip plus a round of oral medications.


Smelly Yeast Infection

If Toby’s coat smells like a musty old attic, and his skin looks like it’s gotten thicker, he might have contracted a skin yeast infection. Strangely enough, a hormone imbalance or allergic dermatitis can be the root cause. Toby’s vet might treat him with a two-pronged approach, ordering medicated shampoos and powerful anti-fungal medications to conquer this determined infection.


Airborne Allergens

Poor Toby might inhale allergens every time he gulps a lungful of air. Even worse, these airborne allergens can make Toby’s other skin problems harder to resolve. Toby’s vet will test him for varied allergens, using the test results to prescribe the correct treatment.


You’re confident your Colorado Springs vet will resolve Toby’s problem, giving your pooch some relief and giving you much-needed peace of mind. You want Toby to give up his scratching business and begin running laps around the yard again.

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