How to Exercise an Indoor Cat

Does your indoor cat like to lie around all day, dozing and eating occasionally? It’s a nice life, but it’s also a sure-fire way for your pet to become obese. Here, a Colorado Springs veterinarian advises you on safely exercising your indoor feline.

Laser Toys

Many cats love chasing around a laser light. A lot of lasers even form the shape of a small insect or rodent, enticing cats to chase it for hours. Shine one on the floor or wall and watch your cat go crazy, getting good exercise in the process! Just be sure to avoid shining the light directly into your cat’s eyes, as it can cause retinal damage.

Play Structures

Cat jungle gyms, trees, and scratching posts are great items to get your cat moving. These are available for purchase at retail stores and pet supply shops. If you’re the creative type, you can even try building your own and wrapping it with some leftover carpet. You might try using toys around the structure to get your cat to play on it, or you could sprinkle catnip on the structure and watch your cat go crazy!

String or Yarn

Almost all cats love chasing around a dancing piece of string or yarn—it’s the easiest and cheapest cat toy there is. Don’t leave the piece of string or yarn on the floor once playtime is over, though, as they can wrap around your cat’s intestines if accidentally swallowed. Pick it up and store it somewhere safe until it’s time to play again.

Fake Mice or Birds

Even the most docile of indoor cats have natural hunting and stalking instincts that need to be satisfied. Fake mice or bird toys are usually perfect for satisfying this need. Some are attached to string, some are remote-controlled, and some are wind-up toys that move along by themselves. Most cats will go wild for this moving prey object, and work up a sweat chasing and hunting them! Consult your Colorado Springs veterinarian for a recommendation on safe cat toys to get your cat exercising.

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